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I Am a Nation Shaker

For us at SHAKING THE NATIONS INC. in Georgia, it is important to make sure that men and women feel that real Nation Shaker are included in our organization.

Our approach is to create future leaders at every level by equipping them with the right tools and by making sure that they are willing to take action. The more women and men feel empowered, the better equipped we are to help others reach their own goals and become a
Nation Shaker!

This is an opportunity for us to empower and build future Nations Shakers to become leaders and show them support in all areas of their lives. Nation Shakers look forward to events and topics that are timely and relevant to new and experienced missionaries.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to spread biblical awareness, produce progress, and create opportunities for a positive change in our nation. We do this by helping people, communities, cities, countries, and reaching out to other continents of the world to bring a higher standard of quality, equality of life, and progress.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to educate, empower, elevate, and excel in all communities, cities, countries and other continents to meet the holistic needs of a man—spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially.

We Accomplish This mission and vision through following means:

 1. Through the establishment of various faith-based religious services, conferences, workshops, consulting,

mass media purpose of training, economical empowerment through education, discipline of the bible  and development sessions pursuant to our recognized mission and vision. 

2. By maintaining a website,, for the training and development of missionaries.

3. We must establish develop, operate missions, events, work. Our outreach focus to meet the needs of the community. Develop mission for the needs of the people will include providing  food, shelter for the homeless, widows/widowers, orphans, sick, imprisoned, teenage pregnancy, and domestic abused, 55 and above,  meeting a need where there is a need in the community, city, country, and other continent. 

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  • Booking Ministry Engagement
  • Pray Revivalist
  • Missions Training
  • Preaching Engagement
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Shaking the Nations Dance Ministry
  • Intercession Day in May for Mothers Who Have Lost Their Children to Gun Violence and Domestic Violence (TBA)
  • Train Missions Teams for Short-Term and Long-Term Missions
    • Haiti
    • Ghana
    • West Africa
    • South Africa
    • UK
    • London
    • Uganda
    • Africa
    • Belize
    • Belize City


From Mary Smith and Dr. Evangelist Mary Smith

Information and Booking Details: [email protected]| 404-492-2004


  • Leadership Team Meeting  
  • Meditations 
  • Where the Esther? 
  • Nations Shaker Roundtable (Hosted by Dr. Evangelist Mary Smith and Co-Hosted by Vanessa Manley)

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Dr. Mary Smith 


To go through life without goals is to live in vain. Small goals lead to larger ones, and large goals lead to success. Hard work and dedication help me achieve short-term goals, and each achievement is a stepping stone to my final destination. If I plant a seed today, there will be a tree with strong roots tomorrow; this tree will be able to stand the storms of life.

Pastor Lorenzo G. Johnson Jr. (Excel Church) and Tyrinetta, her children, will arise up and call her blessed because she is blessed to be their mother. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana as the fourth of Robert and Lillie Mae Smith's 10 children, Evangelist Mary Smith began planting seeds early in her life. At age 11, she started to understand what it means to be a Christian.

Evangelist Mary Smith was baptized on April 23, 1967 at St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church where Reverend James Author Alexander was pastor. Between the ages of 11 and 16, she was a member of the church cleaning committee, president of choir 2, a Sunday school teacher, and the Sunday school superintendent.

She earned her bachelor's degree in religious education at Christian Bible College in Kenner, Louisiana - Dr. A.P. Clay, President. Later on, she moved her membership to St. Stephen MB Church where Pastor Rev. Norman Francis licensed her as a missionary-evangelist.

After relocating to Miami, Florida, Evangelist Mary Smith set out to further her development in ministry. She took advantage of the training offered at New Birth Baptist Church where Bishop Victor T. Curry was the pastor. Determined to be the bearer of good fruit, she dedicated her time to the school of ministry, Bible institute, discipleship training, leadership training, and prison ministry.

This experience opened her eyes to a new level of ministry where there is always room fro growth. She was then appointed as Pastor of Foreign Mission at New Birth Baptist Church.

Keeping that in mind, she also received training at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Willie C. Barnes ecnouraged, supported, and charged her as Paul encouraged Timothy to make full proof of her ministry, doing the work of an evangelist. Eventually, she was appointment as the Director of Foreign Mission.

Evangelist Mary Smith relocated again to New Orleans, Louisiana and attended Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Dr. Mosses S. Gordon was the pastor and the president of Cornerstone Missionary Baptist General Association, where she was part of the foreign mission.

She then earned a master's degree in theology at A.P. Clay Bible College in Kenner, Louisiana - Dr. Bryon Clay and President. Afterwards, she moved to Covington, Georgia and became the director of foreign mission at Springfield Baptist Church where Pastor Eric Lee was the pastor. She was determined to go to the nations with the Gospel of Jesus.

Evangelist Mary Smith attended the Berean Christian Church where she was the first director of global mission for 4 years and is the current advisor. She also hosted several internation teams and trained over 100 missionaries for the field. She was able to bring short-term mission teams from Berean Christian Church to South Africa, Haiti, Uganda, Africa, Swaziland, Ghana, West Africa, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and London.

Moreover, Evangelist Mary Smith coordinated the first mission conference at Berean Christian Church. She implemented the sponsorship for missionaries in Brazil, India, Liberia, West Africa, Haiti, South Africa, Uganda, Africa, Swaziland, and Malaysia. There were educational scholarships for over 2,000 students in Africa.

In addition, Evangelist Mary Smith attended Beulah Heights Bible College where she complete 50 hours of the most mission boot camp for Global Mission. She is now an adviser and mission consultant for various churches and organizations throughout the nation and

across the globe.

As the founder and senior pastor of Shaking The Nations World Prayer Center and Shaking The Nations Worldwide Intercessors Network, she has launched several missions. These include Operation M.O.M. - Mothers of Mercy USA and Operation M.O.M. - Mothers of the Motherland in Liberia, West Africa, and Port Au Prince Haiti.

While Shaking the Nations Operation STEM is in order in South Africa and Beijing, China, Evangelist Mary Smith has formed partnerships in Ghana, West Africa to rise up an ARK OF RESTORATION AND COMPASSIONS. She has also internationally networked with Central America and traveled several times to the Caribbean, Africa, and Haiti to lead several teams of people for foreign mission work.

Over the years, Evangelist Mary Smith has set up an international mission network with other missionaries in several countries. Many doors are open to her all over the continent of Africa and in Central America, Haiti, and the Caribbean. Her ordained season has come to full term. Still, she thrives to continually plant seeds of hope, faith, and love around the world.

Shaking The Nations Mission, Inc.


Riverdale, Georgia 30296

Phone/Fax: 404-492-2004

Email: [email protected]

Vice President/Assistant Director

Vanessa Manley A.K.A “Chosen Vessel”

Anointed, gifted, a talented artist, and an Alabama-native, Vanessa Manley has been chosen by God and the Holy Spirit to be a vessel that ministers through Worship Arts.

She is a performing artist that has served as a recognized worship arts leader for more than 2 decades. After pursuing her bachelor’s degree in dance from the University of Alabama, she moved to New York City in 1997 where she studied and worked as a professional artist. During this time, Vanessa launched her own outreach ministry called Chosen Vessels Dance in 1998.

Chosen Vessels Dance is an outreach ministry that fuses dance, drama, music, and spoken word. Utilizing the word of God and the Worship Arts as their weapon, Chosen Vessels Dance seeks to win souls for Christ.

As a prophetic vessel, Vanessa interprets God's messages through dancing with boldness, clarity, and compassion.

In 2006, Vanessa became a field organizer for Groundwork International Missions under the leadership of Dr. Mary Smith. Since that time, she has organized relief missions in: 

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  • South Africa
  • Swaziland

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  • Uganda
  • Ghana

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  • Haiti
  • Belize

Vice President/Assistant Director

Vanessa Manley A.K.A “Chosen Vessel”

Each mission provides a distribution of basic needs for the global poor including: food, clothing, school supplies, and medical/clinical necessities. Professional development programs for community workers and teachers are also made available.

In conjunction with these, members of Chosen Vessels Dance have ministered in schools, hospitals, prisons, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and churches throughout the globe.

Her Affiliations

Vanessa is an Ordained Elder with Shaking The Nations International Ministries under the pastoral leadership of Apostle Mary Smith. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and has a distinguished record of service with the following organizations:

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  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Boy Scouts Troop 106
  • Red Cross
  • The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
  • National Liturgical Dance Network
  • Urban Bush Women
  • Alternate ROOTS
  • The Salvation Army Kroc Center
  • The Arts Exchange
  • Friends of Zimbabwe
  • Atlanta Union Mission

More About Vanessa

Vanessa lives in metro Atlanta with her husband James and four children: Zachary, James, Jackson, and Vivian Vanessa. Prayer and worship are weapons of choice. Her motto is: “God First, Family Second, and Business Third! Keep your life in that order and God will bless!

Dedicated Leadership Team

Vanessa lives in metro Atlanta with her husband James and four children: Zachary, James, Jackson, and Vivian Vanessa. Prayer and worship are weapons of choice. Her motto is: “God First, Family Second, and Business Third! Keep your life in that order and God will bless!

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  • Pastor Mary Smith
  • Vanessa Manley

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  • Sandra Towns
  • Tyrinetta Triggs

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  • Bernetta Wood
  • Colleen Ferris

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  • Denise Wallace
  • Trevitt McVea

Shaking The Nations Board of Directors

  • Dr. Mary Smith – CEO and Founder, Teacher
  • Elder Vanessa Manley – Chairperson
  • Colleen Ferris – Assistant Director
  • John Jutan – Assistant Director
  • Elder Colleen Ferris – Fundraiser and Travel Coordinator
  • Dr.Clementine Long – Field Mission and Fundraiser
  • Chalesia Dallas –Policy and Rules
  • Sandra Towns and Tyrinetta Triggs – Bookkeeper and Accountant
  • Kisha Ward – Business Consultant
  • Zina Kraft – Activities Business Advisor
  • Steve Johnson – Travel Consultant
  • Lorenzo Johnson Jr – Consultant
  • Tyrinetta Triggs – Business Consultant 

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What We Do